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How do I find the invoices/receipts for registrations that I owe/paid for?

What are the rules of 'Club' volleyball?

How is club volleyball different than school or a league team? (coming soon)

What is expected of Phoenix Volleyball Club parents? (coming soon)

What is 'Fair Play' and how is it different than 'Equal Play'? (coming soon)

Can my child attend other activities/sports as a club volleyball player with Phoenix? (coming soon)

What are the rules of 'Club' volleyball?

Depending on the 'age class', club volleyball rules have a few variations in regards to such things including the Tripleball format for 13U, net height, overhead passing, substitions, and 'Fair Play'. Each provincial governing body/association such as Volleyball Manitoba, may have their own rule variations for clubs apart from the national governing association, Volleyball Canada.
Below are links to the most current Volleyball Canada rules and guidelines you can download in pdf format for reference.

13U Tripleball Rules
Volleyball Canada Rulebook
Volleyball Canada Rule Guidelines

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