Phoenix Volleyball
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Phoenix Volleyball is a nonprofit organization providing volleyball programs for youth in Winnipeg and surrounding areas with experienced coaching, administrative, and volunteer support staff.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission and ultimate goal is to provide the highest level of dynamic coaching to athletes as possible across all our programs, while fostering and growing their love of the game in a fun and motivating environment. We want to challenge and inspire our athletes to succeed not only on the court as players but, also mirror the same integrity, sportsmanship, and empathy we try to instill in them into their daily lives.

Our Board Members & Volunteers

Evan Morris - Director; Club founder
Evan grew up as a multi-sport athlete with his focus on soccer as a young player. A potential scholarship in later years was thwarted by an unfortunate injury which halted his soccer career. Later, Evan began his volleyball coaching career when his sister needed a coach for her recreational team. He eventually coached under Luc Tremblay at Vision Volleyball Club for several years before founding Phoenix Volleyball Club in 2019. Now in mainly a consulting member role, Evan enjoys helping on the court whenever possible.

Chris Sommerhalder - Director; Programs Administrator; Coaching Coordinator
With prior experience as a youth baseball coach for his young sons, Chris stepped up to coach his daughters volleyball rec team after mini-volleyball and then on to coach as well with the elite teams at Vision (Volleyball Winnipeg). Progressing through the years, he has continued learning and gaining valuable experience as a competitive level youth coach and continues to mentor and inspire athletes to success. Following Evan from Vision to join Phoenix as head coach of the 14U team, Chris continued on into the following season at 15U before the season was canceled due to govt lock downs. Leading the coaching program and the daily operations of Phoenix Volleyball is now Chris’s main focus behind the scenes since taking on the lead role in 2022.

Melanie St-Amant - Director; Treasurer
Mel brings experience as a volleyball parent and a 'financial' guru. As our Treasurer, she ensures our bookkeeping gets done - properly.

Social Media
We are seeking a social media/communications guru. Please email if you are interested.

We are seeking a someone with their own equipment. Please email if you are interested.

Our success depends on our members, staff, and volunteers - thank you all !!

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Phoenix Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for athletes to experience high level coaching within a competitive but fun and motivating environment.

Phoenix Volleyball Club is an affiliate of Winnipeg Junior Athletics.