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Phoenix Volleyball is a nonprofit organization providing volleyball programs for youth in Winnipeg and surrounding areas with experienced coaching, administrative, and volunteer support staff. We provide an opportunity for athletes to experience high level coaching in a fun and motivating environment.

We currently provide three types of volleyball programs:

Phoenix Volleyball Academy - this program is aimed at beginner to intermidiate players starting in volleyball and requiring continued basic fundamental technical development.
Phoenix Volleyball Camps - depending on the focus of the camp they can be run for any skill and age from beginners to club level players.
Phoenix Volleyball Club - this is our 'elite' competitive club team program within the Volleyball Manitoba/Canada age class system.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe the success of our players is achieved through their development in three key areas: personal development, athletic development, and sport specific skill development.

Personal development is important on many levels. Our coaches strive to model and create an environment of trust, respect, and empathy with each player through their words and actions which players can exemplify to others. Team outings and activities including workshops, community service, player journals, goal setting, and coach/player meetings help to create bonds and life skills required to communicate effectively and manage interpersonal relationships.

Athletic development is achieved through strength and conditioning programs, mental health and nutrition workshops, and other related activities. Creating healthy physical and mental life habits is not only critical in sport but also in every aspect of life.

Volleyball specific fundamentals including correct skill mechanics and proper technique are crucial in creating a strong foundation for our players development. These fundamentals are the baseline standard that our coaches strive to develop in all our players allowing them to progress and enhance their skill set as they mature. As with individual play, team strategy along with self-assessment and analysis is developed into their skill set as players progress.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of dynamic coaching to athletes as possible across all our programs while fostering and growing their love of the game in a competitive but fun and motivating environment. We want to challenge and inspire our athletes to succeed not only on the court as players but, also mirror the same integrity, sportsmanship, and empathy we try to instill into their daily lives.

Sure it's nice to win but, the goal for Phoenix Volleyball coaches is not to win games... it is to provide our athletes with the skills, tools, and opportunity to achieve personal and team goals that will lead them to success on and off the court.


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Phoenix Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for athletes to experience high level coaching within a competitive but fun and motivating environment.

Phoenix Volleyball Club is an affiliate of Winnipeg Junior Athletics.

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